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What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is an acceleration system that allows high school students to pursue an advanced curriculum and ultimate reduce the cost of college later on.  Dual enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit.

While most schools encourage students to apply for College Credit Plus before gaining entry, ALL MC2 STEM High School students are dually enrolled in Tri-C courses! What does this mean?

  • All students take an Engineering Course each semester at MC2 STEM High School

  • The course content aligns with Engineering Coursework at Tri-C

  • When a student completes the course at MC2 STEM, they earn both High School and College Credit

Typically, students take the following Tri-C Engineering courses

  • EET 1100: Intro to Robotics (2 credit hours)

  • EET 1150: Basic Robotics with Math (2 credit hours)

  • ISET 1300: Mech/Elect. Print Reading (2 credit hours)

  • MET1230: Drawing & AutoCAD (3 credit hours)

  • EET 1185: Single Board Computers & Applications (3 credit hours)

  • EET 1195: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles—DRONES! (3 credit hours)

  • EET1180: Surface Mount Soldering (1 credit hours)

  • ISET1410 Applied Electric. I (3 credit hours)


And just like that, students are graduating from high school with at least 20 College Credit hours!


Students interested in pursuing even more college credits have the option through the College Credit Plus (CCP) program.

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