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Internship Guidelines

MC2 STEM High School’s Mission is to model a rigorous STEM education in a non-traditional environment through trans-disciplinary curricula, hands-on projects, and community partnerships and to engage and enrich all students' by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, and empowering them to achieve their personal, academic, and community goals and contribute to work skills and the pipeline from school to career. MC2 STEM High School opened in August 2008. This project-based, transdisciplinary high school is embedded in different regional STEM industry campuses; 9th graders are hosted at the Great Lakes Science Center where they will work intensely with both the Great Lakes Science center and NASA Glenn Research Center in program development. Ninth grade students travel to NASA Glenn Research Center to experience job shadowing, internships. 10th grade students attend school at General Electric (GE) Nela Park Campus and work intensely with GE engineers. 11th and 12th graders are hosted at CSU, but the city really is their campus. This rigorous integrated curriculum is informed by a breadth of industry experiences. Students will participate in multiple field experiences on the STEM industry campus where they will be immersed in a world of hands-on learning and exploration.


Students know and understand when the work they are doing has an impact and is meaningful. While MC2 STEM High School is founded on creating authentic project-based learning experiences, the reality is that our students can do more. The Authentic Learning through Internship program allows students to participate in internship experiences all throughout the city. In order for the success of MC2 STEM High School to continue and transfer over to success in workforce and business, students need to continue to have options, training, and placement for internships. It is clear that students who participate in internships make better decisions in college, understand the workforce, and are able to pursue careers they are passionate about. However, the success and failure of this program lies in the limited capacity of help that can be supported by MC2 STEM High School independently.


In order to facilitate Career Readiness among our students, we require all students experience a challenging, high-level internship. To ensure that the experience is relevant for the student and allows our students to focus on this experience, each experience will be coupled with a customized mastery plan to ensure students are staying on top of their work. Because of the nature of the year round school calendar, students ARE excused from school to participate in internships IF they submit proper documentation to your assistant principal.


Required Documentation


Before Internship Begins

Student – Parent Internship Participation Contract & Parent Permission Form

Student – Academic Internship Participation Contract


During Internship

Supervisor Contact Form

Time Tracking Hours Sheet


After Internship

Reflection of Community Service or Internship Learning Experience