Believe In Ohio

Big Idea

Students will explore the possibilities of STEM technology and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop business or commercialization plans.


What is Believe in Ohio? Believe in Ohio is a student entrepreneurship program to develop Ohio’s next generation of STEM innovators. High school students will receive cash awards and scholarships to Ohio colleges and universities based on competitive STEM Commercialization or STEM Business Plans. We hope they will pursue their futures in Ohio by inventing products and services, creating jobs, paying taxes and contributing to society. Our ultimate vision is that a student will develop a competitive STEM Commercialization or STEM Business Plan, receive a scholarship to an Ohio college or university, graduate and pursue his or her future in Ohio: be employed, create jobs, and contribute to society.


As an 11th grade team we will work to examine how STEM innovation can help to solve the world’s problem. Students will brainstorm potential STEM related problems and develop plans for a possible solution based on researched scientific evidence.


Students will be working in English class to prepare their four part commercialization or business plan which presents their problems and proposed solutions and researched scientific evidence to support why they think their solution to the proposed problem.


Students will be working in Chemistry class to support their innovations through scientific research, engineering design, and chemical processes, as well as developing their abilities to communicate scientific information.


Essential Questions

1. How can STEM innovation help solve the world’s problems?

2. How can STEM innovation help solve Northeast Ohio’s problems?


Transdisciplinary Connections

English: informative and argumentative writing outcomes, demonstrating clear understanding of conventions and writing with clarity and style

History: Research on existing regulations Existing government support for small business research Comparison between state and federal policy to economics and business

Chinese: Difference between American and Chinese business languages and manners

Science: chemical reactions: types, rates, energy, acids/bases, gas laws, experimentation, trial and error

Math: Logarithms, money math

Engineering: breaking down complex problems, modeling impact of solutions


End Products

STEM Commercialization Plan

Presentation and Pitch