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Big Idea

Come one, come all: MC2 STEM High School is transforming into the Curiosity Carnival Jr. This limited engagement event brings the spectacle of the big-top to life through uncovering the mysteries of magic, mind games and more. Enter if you dare…

Students will engage in an adventure of curiosity, using math, science, and engineering to create carnival games and digital experiences. Students will present these interactive experiences to kids, families, friends, and more during a grand opening event that is held in direct collaboration with the Great Lakes Science Center


Essential Questions

  • How Can Success in games lead to success in life?

  • What kinds of real-life skills can we learn from commercial-off-the-shelf games?

  • How do game creation skills relate to everyday life?

  • How do you “level up” and why is it important that levels are designed intelligently, rather than haphazardly?


Transdisciplinary Connections

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End Products

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Carnival Project2.png