Ms. Howard is here to help!

Some of you know me, some of you don't, but I'm Ms. Howard and I'm the Digital Learning Coordinator. Basically my job is to get you to mastery, so if you need help with your independent studies, you can always come see me! I'm based at CSU and will have office hours there once a week, but if you're a sophomore saying "But Ms. Howard! I need mastery in some of my classes, and I want to get them done now!", then no worries! You can start anytime, and I'll have office hours at Tri-C once every other week. Be sure to check your weekly notes every week to see what those hours will be, because they'll change. If you need to see me, just get a pass from your teacher (NOT if you're going to be missing important information! You need to master those classes too). 


In addition, if you have any questions about what you're working on that either A., can't wait or B., are simple and you just want an immediate-ish response, please feel free to email I'll get back to you as soon as I can. That's also the email you need to share it with to get graded, so put it in your phone, write it down, say it 456 times until it gets stuck in your brain (or just check back on this page). 


I know that the independent studies seem difficult, and they are, but remember: I'm here to help.

Erika Howard

Digital Learning Coordinator

MC2 STEM High School