MC2 STEM High School Frequently Asked Questions

What is MC2 STEM High School?

MC2 STEM High School is a public school that is a part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Find out more on the ABOUT US page


Where are the campuses located?

​9th Grade @Great Lakes Science Center: 601 Erieside Ave ® Cleveland, OH  44114

10th Grade @ Tri-C: 2415 Woodland Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115

11th & 12th Grade @Cleveland State University: Rhodes Tower West, 2124 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH  44115

Find out more on the ABOUT US page


Who is eligible to attend the MC2 STEM School?

All high school age students who are interested in STEM. Eighty-five percent of MC2 students are Cleveland residents and 15% of MC2 students are non-residents from surrounding suburbs. Find out more on the CHOOSE CMSD page


Is tuition required to attend MC2 STEM?

No. MC2 STEM is a public school.


May I visit the school?

Yes, MC2 STEM conducts tours by appointment only. We encourage students to shadow before applying to the school. Please request a visitation using the TOUR REQUEST FORM page


How can I enroll my child in MC2 STEM School?

Each year, around February, a lottery is conducted. Only students who have applied with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are included in the lottery.  We encourage all parents to contact the MC2 STEM School at 216 838-8000 prior to January 15th to receive updated information on how to apply. Find out more on the CHOOSE CMSD page


If one child is enrolled in MC2 STEM does a sibling automatically get in or does the sibling have to enter the lottery?

The sibling still has to apply to the district by the lottery date and receive a lottery number. Provided a seat is available in the sibling’s grade, the sibling is automatically accepted. If a seat is not available, then the sibling will be moved to a grade level wait list. Siblings will be ordered on the wait list according to their lottery number. Find out more on the CHOOSE CMSD page


How does the lottery work?

A lottery is conducted on a date decided by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. All students who have applied to a CMSD school are assigned a number based on a computerized lottery. All students who are not accepted in the initial lottery are placed on grade level wait lists. Parents and guardians are notified in the order of the wait list if a seat becomes available. Find out more on the CHOOSE CMSD page


Is busing available?

All students receive an RTA pass at no cost for public transportation that lasts the length of the school year. To map your route, please visit the RTA CLEVELAND page.


I am a student who has a car, may I drive to school?

We encourage students to utilize public transportation as we are unable to provide parking for any students. If a student chooses to drive, he/she is responsible for finding off-campus parking, which is very expensive in Downtown Cleveland.

Is Breakfast and Lunch Provided?

All students receive breakfast and lunch free of cost every day at MC2 STEM High School. Students who wish to bring their lunch may do so as long as they eat only in the cafeteria and understand that students do not have access to a refrigerator or microwave. For more information, please visit the SCHOOL NUTRITION page

What if I have a food allergy or religious restriction?

If this information is documented on the student information form at the beginning of the year, an alternative option will be provided. For more information, please visit the SPECIAL DIETS page.


What if I am no good at Math or Science?  

MC2 STEM High School teaches high level math and science to all students, regardless of your ability. We don’t need you to be a math genius, we want students willing to try hard!


I have an IEP, will I still qualify?  

YES! MC2 STEM High School accepts students with IEPs, we have a full range of special education services! However, the CMSD office of Special Education will have to review your IEP to ensure we are prepared to meet all of your accommodations. For more information, please visit the SPECIAL EDUCATION page.


For additional information, please contact the MC2 STEM School at (216) 838-8550.