MC2 STEM High School Foundations

MC2 STEM High School was founded on the principles of STEM Education, Project-Based Learning, and Mastery Instruction.  All of these concepts help to create an enriching, engaging experience for Cleveland's most innovative students. Click the buttons above to explore more about our foundations!



MC2 STEM High School’s Mission is to model a rigorous STEM education in a non-traditional environment through trans-disciplinary curricula, hands-on projects, and community partnerships and to engage and enrich all students' by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, and empowering them to achieve their personal, academic, and community goals.

We Exist to

  • Support students of all abilities in reaching their academic, social, & emotional potential in order to achieve their dreams

  • Facilitate innovative, rigorous, trans-disciplinary, collaborative, hands-on, project-based learning experiences to prepare for 21st century

    STEM careers

  • Ensure all students can, will, & must learn and be independent, innovative, and technologically-proficient problem-solvers

  • Provide a world-class STEM education that is culturally responsive to our adolescents and pushes them to exceed their perceived


  • Envision the world-class education that is necessary for a competitive global economy and serve as an exemplar for how schools can


  • Invest the commitments of community partners in the academic, social, & emotional development of our students

    We Are

  • First year round high school in Cleveland

  • First mastery based approach high school in Cleveland

  • Only school housed at a fortune-500 company’s headquarters in the nation

  • First public school to have a Fab Lab in the nation


  • The city/region of Cleveland supported different ways of doing things to get results and increase their 2008 CMSD 50% graduation rate

  • The Cleveland metro area possesses all the essential ingredients to cultivate a premier 21st century workforce and become a national

    leader in STEM education: population of 4.3+ million, 23 major colleges and universities, corporate presence of 39% of all Fortune 500


  • “Designing results in a distinctive kind of knowing and knowledge... through designing, people learn much of the tacit aspects of

    knowledge that resist formalization but are central to any practice.” (Designing Communities, Roth, 1999)

  • “The ability to communicate, adapt, diagnose problems, and find creative solutions is more important than ever before.” (National

    Assembly of State Arts Agencies, 1998, p.11)

  • According to the National Governors Association (NGA) report, Innovation America: A Compact Postsecondary Education (2006), “the

    knowledge-based economy requires that postsecondary education graduates are equipped with strong foundational skills and competencies as well as interdisciplinary problem-solving abilities vital to the nation’s overall competitiveness.”