Growing Together

Big Idea

To reach all remaining benchmarks while learning about how we grow as people, as seen represented in the work of gardening. Students will design and create a garden in engineering while learning about the science behind the plants that live in this beautiful space. The students will calculate the volumes of various polynoids of the garden design. They will share their experiences and research in a collective informative field guide.  After harvest they will prepare a community meal and share recipes used in that meal.


Essential Questions

1.  What can you build to improve your community?

2.  What happens when the cycling of matter in ecosystems is disrupted?


Transdisciplinary Connections

English: Students will read, research, and understand the meaning of community and how a small group of committed citizans can make a change. Students will create a field guide to a community garden so their work can be passed on through the years.

History: Students will understand the overlap between the natural world and historical development. Students will review political and social movements that have centered around protecting and improving the natural world.

Science: Students will understand the biological processes involved in growth and creation of gardens. Students will gain a better understanding of the natural world.

Math: Students will understand design through Calculations of surface area , volume, perimeter, area of garden, Calculations of surface area and volume of individual planters, and Growing seedlings and taking measurements

Engineering: Students will understand design and implementation, students will apply the knowledge of the fab lab they have learned throughout the year.


End Products

Design and Build a Garden

Write and Publish a Field Guide

Plant and Grow Vegetation