How to Join a Google Classroom for Mastery

Do you need MASTERY for any of your classes? Join the Mastery Class by following these steps:

Joining the Class

  • Go to

  • Make sure to sign in with your MC2 STEM account.

  • At the top, click Join class.

  • Enter the correct class code (listed) and click Join.  

Working In The Class

  • Before you attempt, please review your existing grade. Remember, you may not attempt this recovery course unless you first attempted this course with a classroom teacher or have approval from an administrator or counselor.

  • If you received and “I” or an “F” on your first attempt at this course, you must earn 750 points in the Mastery course.

  • If you earned a passing grade at your first attempt, and you would simply like to improve your grade, please contact Ms. Mack at for a consultation on what sections you must complete.

Join with Class Code.png
Join a Google Classroom Class.png