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Student and Parent Weekly Notes: 08/28/2017

August 27, 2017


MC2 STEM High School

Student and Parent Weekly Notes: 08/28/2017




“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” -Albert Einstein


MC2 STEM High School Communication

Mastery Recovery Website and Instructions

Thanks to our Digital Learning Coordinator, Ms. Howard, this week, the website for Mastery Recovery gets launched on http://www.mc2stemhighschool.org/mastery-recovery Students have many different ways to continue to work on Mastery. Students will be able to access in-depth recovery projects by going to our website for all courses (except math). Ms. Howard is going to explain the process in classrooms this week, so students (and teachers) understand the Mastery Recovery Process and all students can be on the same page. A blast will go out on the website this Wednesday after students have been informed of the process!


Helping Your Child With Today's Math

Math looks different these days. Teachers are now using activities that are connected to students’ real lives. Like mathematicians, students are now solving problems that may take them an hour, or perhaps, several hours to solve. There may be many ways to solve the problem.


Children think about mathematics in different ways depending on their prior experiences at home and school. Teachers want your children to understand how important math is and how it helps them solve every-day problems. By allowing students to think flexibly about numbers teachers encourage them to “own” the mathematics forever, instead of “borrowing” until class is over.


Parents can help out by showing their children when they use math. That may be as simple as:

  • Helping your child estimate in the grocery store;

  • Deciding together how many plants can fit into a garden and drawing a scale plan of your garden; or

  • Discussing how the interest works on the mortgage.


For more information on helping your child with math, check out this helpful resource: http://www.nea.org/home/59862.htm


Senior Dues & Senior Information

MC2 STEM High School has worked hard to ensure that senior dues are affordable and easy to pay. Senior dues at MC2 STEM High School are the LOWEST in the are, with some schools requiring students to pay upwards of $500 towards graduation. We have done our best to keep the costs low. Please consider this information as you begin to prepare for your child’s senior year.


Senior Dues Can Be Paid in the Following Manner:

In Person (Cash or Money Order)

Online at http://www.mc2stemhighschool.org/senior-corner-2018

*You can pay all at once OR break it into payments


Senior dues cover the following:

  • •          Cap,gown & tassel set

    •          Alumni medallion

    •          Diploma

    •          Diploma cover

    •          Miniature diploma

    •          Graduation picture

    •          Graduation video

    •          Yearbook

    •          Tickets

    •          Venue

    •          Décor

    •          Program printing

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Last call: Parent & Family Volunteers

Parents frequently ask if there are any volunteer opportunities at MC2 STEM High School. Volunteers have a positive impact on children, schools and our city. Last year, hundreds of volunteers helped to improve school buildings inside and out, chaperoned field trips, mentored, tutored and motivated our scholars to believe in themselves and achieve academically. Your time and support can change lives. For the safety and security of our young scholars, parents must complete the volunteer registration process prior to working at our school. The volunteer registration is outlined here, http://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Volunteer. Please let us know when you complete your registration! We have plenty of jobs to go around!


Agenda for this Week

Monday, August 28, 2017

GLSC (9)          TDES Walk thru begins

GE (10)             TDES Walk thru begins

CSU (11)          TDES Walk thru begins

CSU (12)          TDES Walk thru begins



Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Morning Staff STEM Minutes at individual Sites 8:10am- 8:50am

GLSC (9)          NWEA Math Test

GE (10)             NWEA English Test

GE (10)             GE Buddy

CSU (11 & 12)   Mastery Recovery with Ms. Howard

Happy Birthday Christopher O. – Class of 2020!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Morning Staff STEM Minutes at individual Sites 8:10am- 8:50am

GLSC (9)          NWEA English Test

GE (10)             NWEA Math Test

GE (10)             GE Buddy

GE (10)             Mastery Recovery with Ms. Howard

XQ Rethink High School Documentary Shoot



Thursday, August 31, 2017

Afternoon STEM Staff Meeting at individual Sites 4:00pm- 6:00pm

GE (10)             GE Buddy

CSU (11)          English Language Arts Field Trip – The Glass Castle

7:00- 4:00         Clayton @GLSC

7:00- 4:00         Mack  @All Sites

XQ Rethink High School Documentary Shoot

Happy Birthday Messiah C. – Class of 2021!


Friday, September 1, 2017

PROGRESS REPORTS DUE (directions in separate email)

GLSC (9)          Mentorship

GE (10)             Mentorship

CSU (11)          Mentorship

CSU (12)          Mentorship


Happy Birthday Ahdonis G. – Class of 2021!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mixon


Saturday, September 2, 2017


Sunday, September 3, 2017


Monday, September 4, 2017


Happy Birthday Dasani H. – Class of 2018!

Happy Birthday Keontae W. – Class of 2018!

Happy Birthday Dr. Jackson


Looking Ahead

Aug 14 – Sep 1, 2017 -NWEA Tests (GR 9-10)

Aug 14 – Sep 8, 2017-WEBXAM Pre-Test (GR CTE 9-12)

Aug 21 - Sep 1, 2017 -Pro-Core Social Studies & Science Pre-Test (GR 9-12)

Aug 28 - Sep 8, 2017-Encore Pre-Tests (GR 1-12)

Aug 14 – Sep 1, 2017 -NWEA Tests (GR 9-10)

Aug 14 – Sep 8, 2017-WEBXAM Pre-Test (GR CTE 9-12)

Aug 21 - Sep 1, 2017 -Pro-Core Social Studies & Science Pre-Test (GR 9-12)

Aug 28 - Sep 8, 2017-Encore Pre-Tests (GR 1-12)

Sep 1 – 1st Quarter Progress Reports Due

Sep 4- Labor Day – Facilities Closed

Sep 4 – Sep 29, 2017-STAR (GR 4-12)

Sep 7- CAO AP/CIS Roundtable

Sep 14- Open House 6:00pm – 8:00pm (Early dismissal for students)

Sep 15- Homecoming (tentative)

Sep 22 – End of 1st Quarter

Sep 25 –October 6- YEAR ROUND Schools Fall Break  (No school for staff or students)


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