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MC2 STEM High School Student and Parent Weekly Notes: 10/16/2017

October 24, 2017

MC2 STEM High School

Student and Parent Weekly Notes: 10/16/2017





“Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds.”

George Eliot


MC2 STEM High School Communication

Make a Comeback!

School starts bright and early tomorrow, but returning to school after an extended break can leave you filled with dread and anxiety. You're only going back to school - why is it so hard? If this question is something you've asked yourself, or if you could use some advice getting back into study mode, these skills will soon beat back your post-holiday blues and make school a breeze.

Set goals for yourself

  1. Review your homework. Or, if you didn't have homework assigned over break, take some time to look over the last assignments you did in each class before leaving school.

  2. Connect with a teacher you like or respect.

  3. List things you can look forward to

  4. Take your time getting back into the rhythm of things.


Starting Your First Day Back Right

  1. Readjust your sleep schedule, if necessary.

  2. Pre-pack your bookbag and choose your clothes.

  3. Get a full night's rest the night before school resumes.

  4. Start your day earlier than normal.

  5. Eat a healthy breakfast

  6. Exercise moderately if you have time.


Maintaining a Good Routine

  1. Make a family schedule.

  2. Ingrain your routine through consistency.

  3. Talk with your parents.

  4. Adjust to the unexpected. Even the best routines aren't safe from the randomness of life.



Kickoff Quarter 2 With Great, New Capstones!

Utopia & Dystopia  Grade 9 Quarter 2

Students will explore dystopian and utopian societies based on literature and explore the ways in which social dynamics, technological advances, and internet presence has the potential to shift our society toward one of those realities.


Freedom vs. Chaos Grade 10 Quarter 2 Capstone

Students will explore the effects of Freedom vs. Chaos on the growth and development of human beings, organisms, and societies in order to form connections between subject-specific and cross-curricular standards.


Heroes of the Period Grade 11 Quarter 2 Capstones

Students will explore the crossover between classes through three mini-capstones. In an English & Chemistry Combined Mini Capstone, students will take a deep dive in to the period table while studying anthropomorphization. symbolism, characterization, technical and creative writing of a heroes journey, and editing. In Government and English Class Combined Mini Capstone, students will gain understanding of the US Constitution and the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, slavery, citizenship, right-to-vote and women’s suffrage, as well as, writing conventions, presentation skills, reading for information and research, and high level comprehension. In this Computer Science and Pre-Calculus Combined Mini Capstone, students will find out “who” is more heroic, the athlete who trains for a lifetime or the academic who can define a precise athletic outcome using mathematics, graphing, coding, AI technology, robotics, and mechanics.


Master Your Own Path: Career and College Readiness STEM Portfolio Grade 12 Quarter 2 Capstone

In the 12th grade, the Career and College Readiness STEM Portfolio is an opportunity for students to explore and master their own path for the remainder of their high school and post-graduation plans. Through the portfolio students will demonstrate that they are college/work ready, with plans for their transition into life after high school.


Oct 26- Parent Teacher Conferences 12:30- 7:00pm

(No School for Students)

Teacher-parent conferences give you an opportunity to increase communication between school and home, keep parents informed about their child's progress, and develop a plan for the student's future. MC2 STEM High School, as well as all other schools in CMSD, will be holding parent teacher conferences on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 from 12:30- 7:00pm. Please plan on attending!


Agenda for this Week

Monday, October 16, 2017

GLSC (9)          Capstone Launch: Utopia/Dystopia

GE (10)             Capstone Launch: Freedom vs. Chaos

CSU (11)          Capstone Launch: Heroes of the Period

CSU (12)          Capstone Launch: Master Your Own Portfolio

Happy Birthday De’Andre W. – Class of 2018!


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Morning Staff STEM Minutes at individual Sites 8:10am- 8:50am

GLSC (9)          Capstone Launch: Utopia/Dystopia

GE (10)             Conditions for Learning Survey

CSU (11 & 12)   Mastery Office Hours

CSU (12)          Mentorship

Happy Birthday Ms. Ellis!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Morning Staff STEM Minutes at individual Sites 8:10am- 8:50am

GE (10)             Conditions for Learning Survey – Make Up

GE (10)             SCOPES-DF Preparation

CSU (11)          MAGNET Student Check-In

CSU (12)          JCU/Ursuline College Trip

CSU (12)          Mentorship


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Afternoon STEM Staff Meeting at individual Sites

GLSC (9)          Conditions for Learning Survey

GE (10)             SCOPES-DF Visitation

GE (10)             SCOPES-DF Open House 4:30- 6:00pm

CSU (11 & 12)   Conditions for Learning Survey

Happy Birthday Cole R. – Class of 2018!


Friday, October 20, 2017

GLSC (9)          Conditions for Learning Survey

GLSC (9)          Mentorship

GE (10)             Mentorship

CSU (11)          Mentorship

CSU (12)          Mentorship

CSU (11 & 12)   Conditions for Learning Survey

Happy Birthday Ms. Schiffbauer!


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Claudio C. – Class of 2018!


Sunday, October 22, 2017


Looking Ahead

Oct 16 – 1st Day of Quarter 2

Oct 16- 19, 17-Ohio Graduation Tests (Grade 12R and OGT Only)

Oct 16 – 27, 17- Conditions for Learning Survey (Gr 2-12)

Oct 23-27, 17-PSAT 8/9 (Gr 8 and 9)

Oct 25, 17-PSAT/NMSQT (Grade 10, 11)

Oct 26- Parent Teacher Conferences 12:30- 7:00pm (No School for Students)

Nov 7- Election Day –Staff PD (No School for Students)

Nov 10- Veterans Day – Facilities Closed

Nov 17 – 2nd Quarter Progress Reports Due

Nov 22- Thanksgiving Break – Schools Closed, Facilities Open

Nov 23-24- Thanksgiving Break – Facilities Closed

Nov 27 – Dec 15, 17-NWEA Tests (Gr 1-10)

Dec 4 – Dec 15, 17-OST

Dec 4- 15, 17-Encore Post-Tests (Grade 1-12)

Dec 21 – End of 2nd Quarter / End of 1st Sem

Dec 22 – Christmas Eve Observance – Schools Closed, Facilities Open

Dec 25 – Christmas Day – Facilities closed

Dec 25– Jan 5- YRS Winter Break (No School for Staff or Students)

Jan 8-12-  YRS PDI Week (Staff reports, No School for Students)

Jan 12- MANIAC FOR A DAY- Recruitment Event


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