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MC2 STEM High School Student and Parent Weekly Notes: 04/16/2018

April 15, 2018

MC2 STEM High School

Student and Parent Weekly Notes: 04/16/2018




“The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed.”

-Nicolas Chamfort



MC2 STEM High School Communication

Testing, Testing, 1..2…3…

All parents want to see their student(s) perform well in school. Parents play an important part in helping their children give their best performance on a test. The ideas presented below may serve as a guideline for parents when helping their student(s) prepare for testing.

During the weeks leading up to the TEST begin to talk with your student about the importance of giving their best effort during testing. The following thoughts will help you in preparing your child for being ready to give the test his or her all.

The night before:

  • Help your child get to bed on time. Research shows that being well-rested helps students do better.

  • Help children resolve immediate arguments before going to bed.

  • Keep your routine as normal as possible. Upsetting natural routines may make children feel insecure.

  • Mention the test to show you’re interested, but don’t dwell on it.

  • Plan ahead to avoid conflicts on the morning of the test.

The morning of the test:

  • Get up early to avoid rushing. Be sure to have your child at school on time.

  • Have your child eat a good breakfast but not a heavy one. Research shows that students do better if they have breakfast before they take tests.

  • Have your child dress in something comfortable.

  • Be positive about the test. Acknowledge that tests can be hard and that they’re designed so that no one will know all of the answers. Explain that doing your best is what counts. The important thing is to make your child comfortable and confident about the test.

 After the test:

  • Talk to your child about his or her feelings about the test, making sure you acknowledge the effort such a task requires.

  • Discuss what was easy and what was hard; discuss what your child learned from the test.

  • Discuss what changes your child would make if he or she were to retake the test.

  • Explain that performance on a test is not a condition for you to love your child. You love your child just for the person he or she is.


Testing Schedule Changes

There are MANY schedule changes during testing. Please pay close attention to the notes for these details. A flyer with the general test schedule changes is attached to this email, and a specific letter regarding your child’s test schedule will be sent home with them on Monday.


Parent Meeting for 9th Grade Families – THURSDAY 4pm – 5pm

The 4th quarter has many different experiences for the students.  We hope that the experiences we offer are a part of the reason why you chose to send your young scholar to MC2 STEM High School.  We want to make sure you are fully informed so best support our efforts and the efforts of your child. We will be holding a meeting for parents this Thursday, 4/19, from 4:00 - 5:00 pm.  The meeting will be at the Great Lakes Science Center in the auditorium.  We will review the information in this packet and answer any questions you may have.


Honor’s Banquet

Honor’s Banquet- The Honor’s Banquet is MAY 24th at the Great Lakes Science Center. We will announce the top 10 seniors AND all seniors who have earned a STEM Honors Diploma. We also need help from PARENTS with Decorating and Awards and more. If you want to help, sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/IEtirKfMam5tBsbE3


Senior Prom Tickets – On Sale Now

Prom Tickets- On sale now! http://www.mc2stemhighschool.org/senior-corner-2018

MAY 18TH, 2018

6PM - 11PM

Hilton Garden Inn

1100 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115

$65/Person | $120/Couple

Purchase tickets online or in office

Ticket includes

Entry, Dinner, Photos, & Parking


Senior Dues – Please Pay Now

SENIOR DUES $150 Due by April 15th, 2018- Senior Dues Can Be Paid in the Following Manner:

In Person (Cash or Money Order), Online at http://www.mc2stemhighschool.org/senior-corner-2018


Agenda for this Week

Monday, April 16, 2018

GLSC (9)          4th Quarter Capstone Announcement

GE (10)             OST Olympics

CSU (11)          Final Review for OST

CSU (12)          Senior Preparations


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

GE (10)             OST Olympics

GE (10)             SCOPES-DF Conference Call – 8-9am

CSU (11)          Final Review for OST

8:30-3:30          PCIA Monthly Meeting, East Professional Center room 221


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

GLSC (9)          Greater Lawrence Tech School Visit – 1pm – 4pm

GLSC (9)          Minds Matter Recruitment

GE (10)             Greater Lawrence Tech School Visit – 8am – 12pm

GE (10)             STATE TEST: ELA II OST – Dismiss at 1pm

11:30- 1:30       City Club Youth Forum (Select Students)