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MC2 STEM High School Weekly Notes: 02/11/2019

February 10, 2019

MC2 STEM High School

Weekly Notes: 02/11/2019




“Ignorance is a matter of laziness, indifference, and apathy.”

– Tom Tancredo


MC2 STEM High School Communication


10 Powerful Instructional Strategies

Narrowing the Achievement Gap



By focusing tightly on instructional strategies and PD, educators at Cochrane Collegiate Academy saved their school from closure. In just three years, they have doubled student performance, and they continue to reach higher. The educators have developed an instructional model called Interactive Learning (IL). It is a collection of their ten best practices, which they call their non-negotiables, and teachers must implement them in every lesson, every day.

  1. Essential Question

  2. Activating Strategy

  3. Relevant Vocabulary

  4. Limited Lecture

  5. Graphic Organizer

  6. Student Movement

  7. Higher Order Thinking Questions

  8. Summarize

  9. Rigor

  10. Student Centered

Making sure these strategies are present in EVERY LESSON EVERY DAY has helped one school turn around. Additionally, students who are confrontational or non-compliant frequently have poor academic skills, a low sense of self-efficacy as learners, and a very negative attitude toward school (Sprick, et al., 2002). Misbehavior often stems from academic deficits. Educators who work with these behaviorally challenging learners, however, often make the mistake of overlooking simple academic strategies that have been shown to shape student behavior in powerful and positive ways. Read about these strategies further here: https://www.edutopia.org/stw-school-turnaround-student-engagement-video


Cell Phone Reminder

Reminder: Cell Phones should not be used in class without direct permission from teacher

Cell phones have become a way of life, a technological convenience that has impacted all of our lives in one way or another. However, in the school environment, cell phones have become a distraction, interruption, and a method of illegal exchange of information. The ringing of the cell phone during class or the text-messaging takes away from the valuable time needed for instruction and most importantly, student learning. We do recognize that cell phones can be a safety/security tool; however, they can be a detriment in the event of a building emergency and our protocol to manage such emergencies in a safe and effective manner. Parents are urged to utilize the school phone to relay any messages that may be urgent in nature to their child. We will do our best to relay any urgent information to your child.


We ask that you remind your child that a cell phone is a privilege. If a cell phone is removed from your child, it will be returned to your child before the end of the day and parents will be called and notified by the classroom teacher at the end of the day.  If issues continue to occur, the phone will be held until the parent comes to collect it. Additionally, if a child consistently refuses the directives of teachers, school safety, or administration, the discipline can range from removal from activities (after-school teams, rewards, dances, graduation), in-school suspension, or out of school suspension.


Finally, please remind your child not to share their phones with others.  Remind your child that they are responsible for their own phone.  If another student is caught using their phone, the phone will still be taken and the steps listed above will apply to the owner of the phone.


Professional Development Day – February 15, 2019

On February 15th, 2019, there is NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS, but staff will report to our 11th/ 12th grade location for Professional Development. For those of you who do not work at the CSU location, please follow the attached directions and ARRIVE ON TIME (visitor parking fills up fast and if you are late, you will be responsible for your own parking).


President’s Day – February 18, 2019

On February 18th, 2019, there is NO SCHOOL FOR ANYONE in honor of President’s Day. Enjoy your time off!


Help Us Honor Top Teachers!

Head of the Class recognizes teachers in Northeast Ohio for making a difference in the lives of their students both inside and outside the classroom. The Cavaliers will select one teacher each month of the regular season (October-April) as the Head of the Class winner.


Cavaliers' mascots and "Hype Man" Ahmaad Crump will make a surprise visit to each winning teacher's schools to present him/her with a super-sized ticket to a Cavaliers home game. In addition to receiving two (2) tickets to a game, the winning teacher will also receive two (2) complimentary food and beverage passes, recognition on-court prior to the game a $500 donation to be used towards their classroom needs. 


Click Here to nominate a teacher. 


7 Ways to Rethink School/Family Partnerships

This article provides practical ways on how schools can rethink and improve family-school-community partnerships to address the complex needs of students and their families. 


Click Here to learn more. 


GreatSchools.org Launches New Education Newsletters for the 16 Million Latino Families in the U.S. 

In an effort to better engage Spanish-speaking families, GreatSchools.org  launched a newsletter for educators, care givers and families to share academic and social-emotional development throughout the school year. It contains culturally relevant articles, video