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MC2 STEM High School Family Weekly Notes: 02/18/2019

February 17, 2019

MC2 STEM High School

Family Weekly Notes: 02/18/2019





“If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.”

-Barack Obama


MC2 STEM High School Communication

President’s Day – February 18, 2019

On February 18th, 2019, there is NO SCHOOL FOR ANYONE in honor of President’s Day. Enjoy your time off!


Attendance Understandings

We’ve received many calls recently saying, “I received a call about my child being absent, but I know he/she is there!” I wanted to take a moment to explain why this is happening.


Students are not only expected to be in school, but they must be on-time and attend all of their classes. Attendance is taken daily within the first 10 minutes of class. If a student has arrived tardy, and the attendance has already been recorded, the attendance system automatically makes calls informing you of their status. Once a tardy student has signed in, we will go in and change the absence to a tardy, however, often times this happens after the call has already gone out.


There is another factor at play. Students often come to the office and say, “I was here, I was just in the bathroom” or “I was in the hall” or “I was finishing breakfast” or another reason why they may not have been in a certain class. Teachers are reporting who is in their classroom, and if a student is not attending a class, this is still considered an absence and it does affect student attendance percentage.


The law requires school age children to attend school regularly. At MC2 STEM High School we expect ALL students to be in every class everyday and on time. Research proves that regular and punctual attendance in school is directly related to your child's success. Please help your child be successful by making sure they are in school everyday and on time unless they are sick, there is a family illness, or a death in the family.


Say Yes Mentor Challenge

Message from CEO Gordon:

This week I'd like to challenge all CMSD educators to think about becoming a mentor!   As you know Say Yes to Education Cleveland is creating a community united to ensure children have the opportunity and the support to earn a postsecondary credential and contribute to a thriving city center and a robust regional economy.  As educators we know mentoring is a critical component in helping support students in graduating from college and realize their dreams.  My challenge to anyone with a college degree is to help our students, network with other professionals and become a mentor to a graduating senior.   It's  easy, just click on the link and fill the out the College Now online application by April 1st.  www.collegenowgc.org/become-a-mentor .  You will then have a 15 minute phone interview and an hour orientation.  That's all it takes!  I can personally share  by connecting with your mentee via two emails a month two lives will be changed!  I hope that you consider being one of the 1,100 mentors needed to support the 2019 graduates in our Cleveland community.  Let's reach for the stars and hit the 400 mark from the CMSD community to become mentors for our 2019 graduates!  


Click Here for details. 


MOCHA Men's Leadership Summit and the Student Leadership Summit

Registration is still open for the 2019 Men of Color Shaping Academics Leadership Summit - it's not too late to be a part of this important and inspiring initiative! This free event will include breakfast, lunch, a keynote conversation hosted by Dr. Trent Mosley, and three informative and inspiring breakout sessions. We look forward to providing an opportunity for you to grow in your career and connect with prominent leaders of the District.


Deadline to register is Thursday, February 28, 2019


Click Here to register. 


Agenda for this Week

Monday, February 18, 2019

NO SCHOOL for Students or Staff



Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Morning Staff STEM Minutes (8:10- 8:50)

GLSC (9)          Regular Daily Classes

GE (10)             Regular Daily Classes

CSU (11)          Regular Daily Classes

CSU (11)          Future Connections Internship Recruitment

CSU (12)          Regular Daily Classes

CSU (12)          Cleveland Public Power Internship Recruitment

CSU (12)          Future Connections Internship Recruitment

CSU (12)          Career & College Readiness (C&CR) Workshop

7:00-10:30pm    Mack @CSU

10:30- 12:30pm Mack @Central Office Meeting

1:00- 4:00pm    Mack @GLSC

7:00- 4:00pm    Howard @CSU

7:00- 4:00pm    Thomason @CSU


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Morning Staff STEM Minutes (8:10- 8:50)

GLSC (9)          Regular Daily Classes

GLSC (9)          AP Training – Mikita to Cover Site

GLSC (9)          Anger Management

GLSC (9)          City Club – Select Students

GE (10)             Regular Daily Classes

GE (10)             Case Horizons Internship Recruitment

GE (10)             AP Training – Thomason and Dailey to Cover Site

CSU (11)          Regular Daily Classes

CSU (12)          Regular Daily Classes

CSU (11 & 12)   AP Training – Slaubaugh to Cover Site

7:00-4:00pm     Mack @All Sites

7:00- 4:00pm    Howard @CSU

7:00- 4:00pm    Thomason @GE


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Afternoon Staff STEM Minutes (3:45- 5:45)

GLSC (9)          Regular Daily Classes

GLSC (9)          Career & College Readiness (C&CR) Workshop for Freshmen

GE (10)             Regular Daily Classes

CSU (11)          Regular Daily Classes

CSU (12)          Regular Daily Classes

CSU (12)          Career & College Readiness (C&CR) Workshop

CSU (12)          Donuts & Degrees with Dr. Jackson

7:00- 4:00         Mack @East PD

7:00- 4:00pm    Howard @CSU

7:00- 4:00pm    Thomason @GLSC


Friday, February 22, 2019

GLSC (9)          Regular Daily Classes

GLSC (9)          Minds Matter Presentation

GLSC (9)          YOGA

GLSC (9)          GSA

GLSC (9)          City Club – Select Students

GE (10)             Regular Daily Classes

CSU (11)          Regular Daily Classes

All Sites             Student Advisory Committee Luncheon

7:00- 4:00         Mack @All Sites

7:00- 4:00         Howard @CSU

7:00- 4:00pm    Thomason @CSU


Looking Ahead

Feb 18- Presidents’ Day (All Facilities Closed)

Mar 3- Mar 9- STEM Week

Mar 5- CAO Roundtable

Mar 15- PD Day (No school for students)

Mar 21- High School Conferences (12:30 – 7:00 p.m.) (No school for students)

Mar 25- Apr 12- Spring Break (No school for Students)

Apr 8- 12 - Fall PD Week (Staff reports, no school for students)

Apr 15- Classes Resume, First Day Quarter 3

Apr 16- CAO Roundtable

Apr 19- Good Friday (All Facilities Closed)

Apr 21- Easter Sunday

Apr 22- Easter Monday (All Facilities Closed)

Apr 24- Secretaries Day

Apr 24- Administrative PD Early Release for Students (12:30); Extended Day for Teachers

Apr 30- Due date for IEP’s expiring between 5/1 – 9/30

May 6-10- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 17- Prom

May 23- Honor’s Banquet

May 27- Memorial Day (All Facilities Closed)

May 28- Q4- Interim Progress Reports Distributed

June 2- Graduation

June 26- Last Day for Students

June 26- 2 Hours of PD for Report Card Entry

Jun 27- Q4- Report Cards Due by 5pm

June 27- Last Day for Teachers

July 4- Independence Day (No School for Staff or Students)


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