Social Justice League

Big Idea

MC2 Poster SJL.png

Transdisciplinary Content Connections


Essential Questions

  • How can social movements evolve society?

  • How is social change reflected in literature? How do community organizations use math to make decisions?

  • How does change impact/ influence survival/ state of being/ reality/ existence/mindsets?


End Products


  • 10 buttons, 10 t-shirts with logo with symbolic meaning relating to social justice movement. Logo will appear on their drawn superhero and will have reference to their organization or cause. 

  • Two sets of sketches with heroes, modified/ enhanced organ system that gives them their power, sketches of normal human organ system (side-by-side) write up

  • Art piece for comic cover for display 

English Language Arts:

  • Literary analysis focused on selected a text related to social issue 

  • Short story related to their superhero and social issue


  • Graphical representations of their survey data with summary of findings using math vocabulary (American History)


  • Evidence-based population impact analysis

American History:

  • Brochure/ website information

  • Poster about organization

  • Summary write up about organization experience 


  • Portfolio