MC2STEM High School School Visitation Policy


Here at MC2STEM High School, we always encourage parent and caregiver visitors and hope to see you here during scheduled events, but we must also maintain a safe and instructionally based learning environment for our scholars. With this in mind, the following protocols will be in place:


1. All adult visitors will be required to pass an active COVID-19 assessment and temperature check before entering the office area.

2. A mask must be worn at all times.

3. Only 2 people are allowed in the office area at a time so we ask that

only 1 member of the household come into the building. Please be

aware that if the office is at capacity you may be asked to wait outside.

4. There will be no waiting or loitering in the office.

5. Visitors will NOT be allowed past the office unless it is deemed an emergency OR an appointment was made in advance.

6. Visitors will NOT be allowed in the building during arrival and dismissal.

7. If at all possible, please call the school at 216-838-8520 from to avoid possible exposure.



All classroom visits must be prescheduled with the classroom teacher during planning or professional time only. There will be no visits during class time. This will prevent interruptions to instruction and the loss of the valuable learning time for our scholars.


Adults will not be allowed to wander the halls of the building or hold conferences with teachers

during instructional times; they are expected to go only to the location they informed the office



When dropping a scholar off or picking a scholar up, you will be asked to stay in the office and

the scholar will be escorted to class or will meet you in the office.


During arrival, adult guardians will be asked to stay outside and allow the scholar to enter the build unescorted.


This policy has been developed in order to help maintain a safe and instructional focused

environment at school each day and will be effective September 17th, 2018. Any visitor who does not meet these expectations may be asked to leave school grounds.