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CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACCEPTANCE TO MC2 STEM HIGH SCHOOL for the 2020-21 School Year! On behalf of the faculty, staff, and current students, I want to welcome you to MC² STEM High School! You are joining a bright and talented community of innovators and it is our hope that as part of this community you will begin to own your own potential, master your path, and make a difference. Now, the real fun begins!

First, normally at this time we would be inviting you to NEW STUDENT & PARENT ORIENTATION, however, we are working our way through many of the Social Distancing Restrictions at this time to ensure when you do begin, it will be a safe and engaging experience for you. To that end, please watch the “New Maniac Tips” video and explore this VIRTUAL ORIENTATION to find out useful information about MC2 STEM High School.


Secondly, you should have received a packet of forms to complete for enrollment purposes. The email will come from a company called “DOCUSIGN.” This system, which is free and easy for you to use, will allow you to sign all of your documents digitally, even through your phone! Bonus, anytime you need to sign anything in the upcoming year, you will be able to use this service. This is where we will confirm all of your contact information so we are able to reach you. Please do not erase this email when you receive it.


Finally, we are so excited to meet you in person, however, we don’t have official start dates for the new school year yet. As soon as we receive approval from Gov. DeWine and CEO Gordon, we will follow up with you. It is for that reason that we ask you to complete the Orientation Documentation as soon as possible. In the mean time, you can receive updates by following us on social media.


MC2 STEM Snap Chat- mc2stem

MC2 STEM Instagram - MC2Maniac

MC2 STEM Twitter- @MC2STEMHigh

MC2 STEM Facebook- @mc2stemhighschool


You will receive additional notifications as the new school

year approaches. Should you have any questions in the

interim, please do not hesitate to contact the school and

we will assist you in any way we can.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Thank you,

Ms. Mack


Feowyn MacKinnon
Educator: Head of School
MC2 STEM High School
cell: 216-970-8148
Great Lakes Science Center: 216-838-8550
GE Nela Park: 216-838-8520
Cleveland State: 216-838-8500

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