One Song to Change the World

Big Idea

What if you only had one moment, one shot to share your voice with the world? What would you say? What would you wish to tell the world about your life, your expectations, your doubts, your desires, your values, your emotions, your dreams? What would your message be?


Communication becomes effective when used with precision. In English class, students will explore the power of language to express themselves through lyrics, poetry, technical writing, and expository writing. Students will use writing and self-expression to craft a plan to improve their communities. In Social Studies, students will evaluate and defend positions about issues concerning American democracy, equal rights,and humanitarian issues through debates, lyric analysis, and writing. In Science class, students will explore concepts in Physics used to create a means of communication, including electrical, sound, and light signals. In Chinese class, students will be curious about wonderful Chinese cultures and Chinese history, and find out how fantastic it is to communicate with people in a foreign language(find out the similarities and differences between Chinese and English). 


Students will have an authentic engineering teamwork experience in which the strengths of each member of the group is utilized for the good of the common product.  The groups will be composed of four students  who have specific roles. The groups will work over a 10-week period to complete three major construction components to a sound system.  First, the groups will design and construct an amplifier. Next, students  will create a housing unit that will hold the amplifier and a speaker. Lastly, students will use software to write  an original piece of music and may also incorporate instruments and live vocals if they so choose. Students will also be creating a light display that will be a visual interpretation of the music they have created. The groups will give a “performance” using their constructed sound system in which they play their original piece of music through the speaker and amplifier, showcasing the light display and marketing components.


The Communication Capstone is meant to help students define their message and share it with the world.


Essential Questions

1. What is your message?

2. How do you receive? How do you transmit?

3. Is what you say as important as how you say it?


Transdisciplinary Connections

English: Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

History: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights, Current Civil Rights/ Humanitarian Issues

Chinese: Chinese language learning on daily communications; Chinese culture introduction

Science: Ohm’s Law, Circuitry, Electromagnetism, Induction, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Wave Properties, Interference

Math: Counting music,  technical brochure, solving problems with quadratic equations.  parabola transformations

Engineering: Ohm’s Law, Electrical theory, Electromagnetic spectrum, Sound waves, Use of multi-meters, Soldering


End Products

Sound System

Lyrics & Musical Composition


Album Art

Final Live Performance